Dira Paes

Ecleidira Maria Fonseca Paes, better known by her stage name Dira Paes (born June 30, 1968), is a Brazilian actress and television presenter. Among the numerous awards and nominations she has received, Paes won the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress at the Festival de Brasília for Corisco & Dadá and Anahy de las Misiones, respectively, as well as the Best Actress at the 2013 Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro for À Beira do Caminho.[1][2]

Born in Abaetetuba, in the interior of Pará, and raised in Belém, Paes had a very simple childhood with 7 siblings. She always wanted to be an actress, despite financial difficulties, she did not give up on her dream. She is a descendant of Portuguese, indigenous peoples, and Africans.[3]


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