Albert Baró

Albert Baró (born 29 April 1996) is a Spanish actor,[1][2] best known for having starred in the film The Wild Ones, and the series Merlí and Argentina, tierra de amor y venganza.

Coming from a family with tradition in the theater, he trained in Horitzó Teatre de Sant Esteve de Palautordera, with which he has made several theatrical productions such as Los Pastorets, Abrazo-Sant Esteve Tsunami and Grease.[3] With twelve years he obtained his first professional work performing in Johan during the ninth and part of the tenth season of the series, El Cor de la Ciutat.[4] In 2009, he participated in the television version of Les veus del Pamano, a novel by Jaume Cabré.[5] In 2012, he debuted on the big screen playing Gabi, one of the protagonists of The Wild Ones and in 2014 he appeared in Asmodexia, by director Marc Carreté.[3] On the other hand, in the theater he has participated in the play Els nostres tigres beuen llet by Albert Espinosa, which was performed at the National Theatre of Catalonia.[6][2]

In 2015, he joined the cast of the Merlí series. He appeared in the video clip of "The Less I Know the Better" by the Australian group Tame Impala.[7] Between 2015 and 2016, he conducted an interpretation course at Laura Jou School and participated in the play, Citizenship, which premiered in March in Barcelona, Spain.[3][8] During 2018, he participated in the Televisión Española series Servir y proteger.[9] In 2019 he played Bruno, a Catalan fleeing the Civil War in El Trece telenovela Argentina, tierra de amor y venganza.[10]


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