Jesus Redondo

Jesús Redondo Román (born 8 August 1934)[1] is a Spanish comic artist who has been published in many countries, including Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United States.

The son of a schoolteacher, Redondo was born in Valladolid, Spain.

He moved to Madrid in 1958 to work for an advertising agency, and was soon Head of Studio. His first comics work was "Profesor Woosley" for Editorial Bruguera in 1962. His Spanish work includes El Capitán Trueno, Un Paseo por la Rioja, Centauro and SOS Dossier Ecológico. He has also drawn "Edward" for the Dutch magazine Tina.[1][2]

In the mid-1960s he began working for UK publishers D. C. Thomson & Co. and IPC, initially on girls' comics like Diana ("Suzette of the Silver Sword") and Jackie, later on boys' adventure comics like 2000 AD, Starlord, Tornado and Scream!, including drawing Dan Dare for the Eagle in 1986. In the 1990s he worked on Motormouth and Killpower for Marvel UK, and Star Trek and Kitty Pryde for Marvel US. In recent years he has been illustrating children's books as well as comics.[1][2][3]

Comics work includes:


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