Elchingen is a municipality about 7 km east of UlmNeu-Ulm in the district of Neu-Ulm in Bavaria, Germany

Municipality parts:

In 1294, Elchingen (today: Unterelchingen) was sold by Konrad of Plochingen to the Cistercian monastery of Salem. Unterelchingen stayed in its property until the secularization in 1802. Unterelchingen never was in possession of the Monastery of Elchingen. In 1803, Ober-, Unter-elchingen and Thalfingen became Bavarian, due to the Principal Decree of the Imperial Deputation.

The Benedictine monastery of Elchingen was founded at the beginning of the 12th century. In 1395 all authentic documents were destroyed in a fire. So the probable consecration date (15 August 1128) cannot be proven.

Around 1500, the German Conquistador Ambrosius Ehinger was born there. He later went on to be a pivotal figure in the colony of Klein-Venedig in modern-day Venezuela. He was killed in 1533 by native tribes while searching for the mythical El Dorado.

Elchingen became famous through the Battle of Elchingen: on 14 October 1805 the Napoleonic troops under the command of Marshal Michel Ney defeated the Austrians. One day later the Battle of Ulm began, after which Karl Mack von Leiberich finally had to capitulate. In 1806 Napoleon conferred the title of Duc d'Elchingen on Marshal Ney[2] and the name of Elchingen was engraved on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

For the region the Napoleonic victory meant the end of the Austrian supremacy which led to a re-organization of the area of Württemberg and Bavaria.

Today's municipality of Elchingen is the result of the reorganization of Bavaria on 1 May 1978 through the integration of Thalfingen, Oberelchingen and Unterelchingen.

Elchingen lies on the A8 autobahn, which connects Stuttgart and Munich, near the intersection where the A8 crosses the A7, and has its own exit.

Elchingen also lies on the train line between Ulm and Aalen, the so-called Brenzbahn.

In the hamlet of Thalfingen is a multi-purpose hall, which was completely renovated in 2005.

The Protestant church organizes an annual community festival in Thalfingen. The traditional, well-known in the region "Narrabaumstella", a Swabian-Alemannic carnival custom takes place every year in Oberelchingen and attracts hundreds of participants in the streets of Oberelchingen.


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